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A woman determined to follow her dreams.  Pubali Chakravorty-Campbell just received a award as an outstanding leader...

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I was shy and bullied by a boy at school.  He would wait until the teacher left the classroom...but I fought back.

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Another woman's story about breast cancer saved my life.  Now I'm hoping that by sharing my story it might save yours...

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I was on my way to school where I had my dream job - teaching special-needs children.  My car was struck...

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My husband was killed because of texting while driving. It took a long time, but I relearned how to love and move forward...

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Melissa Fifield

I am one of only a few female racecar drivers on the national level.  There are challenges but also so many opportunities....

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Paying it Forward

Giving back is critical to keep this movement alive.  A portion of proceeds from our sales go to charities that support and empower girls and women.


At first I didn't think that I had a story.  Now I know I am not alone and that I can be strong.  I like the message that stories have power and when I put on my Smart Strong Sassy, I know there's no stopping me.  


The skills I learned helped me articulate my story.  Feeling comfortable with my communication has helped me feel smarter, stronger and much sassier.  I am grateful for guidance.


I love the stories and the message.  It makes me feel strong and powerful... and sassy, like I could take on the world.



Having or showing quick-witted intelligence.
Someone who can act on their own accord.


Able to perform a specified action well and powerfully.
Possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success.


Lively, bold, and full of spirit; feisty.  Quick-witted, clever.