What is S3

Modern technology combined with natural ingredients.

Our proprietary blend of amino acids combined with keratin and collagen proteins creates a powerful formula that bonds to hair, repairing and strengthing from the inside out.

Your hair will look and feel beautiful and healthy.

We are also proud to be a women-owned and operated business.

Science Makes a Difference
More about S3

Ok, a little bit more about us....

S3 repairs from the inside out. What makes us different is the science behind our proprietary amino acid formula - the base ingredient in every S3 product.

By adding a balance of keratin & collagen protein along with their associated amino acids, our S42 Amino Repair Complex is perfect for anyone looking to have SMART, STRONG, SASSY hair.

Let's be literal... it's in our name



S3 is SMART technology.

Proprietary Amino Acid formula blended with botanicals.



S3 builds STRONG hair.

Bonds and repairs hair from the inside out.




When your hair is healthy you feel beautiful.

S3 Hair

A scientific formula for beautiful hair!