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Each month we profile a different person who personifies what it means to be Smart Strong Sassy.  Our goal is to give you a dose of inspiration and empowerment, as well as to share some valuable information we hope will help you on your journey. 

Pubali Chakravorty-Campbell

This month's featured story is about a woman determined to follow her dreams.  Pubali Chakravorty-Campbell was just named one of New Hampshire Business Review's Outstanding Women in Business and recently announced that she was leaving her position at Human Resource Partners for a career change, without having another job already lined up.  Why take this kind of a leap of faith?  For Pubali, it was very clear, she says she always makes decisions with her family in mind and wanted to find something that satisfied her personally as well as professionally.

Pubali is a strong, thoughtful woman, determined to make an impact on the world.  We thought her story about a woman taking charge of her career with a leap of faith was inspiring and could help other women who may also want to make a change but aren't sure how to start the process.  

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Sassy Mark 

Having or showing quick-witted intelligence.
Someone who can act on their own accord.
Able to perform a specified action well and powerfully.
Synonyms: forceful, powerful, vigorous, fierce, possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success.
Lively, bold, and full of spirit; feisty.