I wish I knew then...

I wish I knew then...

If I could go back and talk to my younger self I would tell her she was a powerhouse and to believe in her abilities.  That awkward girl in the first row on the right-hand side (the only girl on the boy's hockey team-because yes, that was a thing back then) didn't have a lot of confidence.  Actually, I lived in fear.  Fear of not being good enough, fear of letting my parents down, fear of failing.  Fear is an awful way to live.  It can chip away at our magic-sparkle and become a powerful monster eating away at our ability to be authentic. 

Eventually, I moved on to a career in broadcasting where I lived in fear of making mistakes on-air.  I look back now and wish I could give my younger self the confidence I feel now. 

If you're afraid of what people think and might not want to share your true, authentic story, I'm asking you to reconsider.  Being authentic can be scary, but is EMPOWERING.  When you allow yourself to be brave and share your authentic, non-perfect story, it helps others-and that's such a wonderful feeling. 

No one has a perfect story, (if they say they do they're lying).  The only way we are going to help lift up one another is by sharing.  Sharing is Strength!  Sharing is Smart Strong Sassy.  

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