Our Model (My Daughter)

Tiffany Eddy, Meredith Ryan

A colleague recently mentioned they had visited the S3 website, loved our story and asked about one of our models; the young woman who has been featured prominently on S3. 

"Where did you find her" they asked?  "That's my daughter, I responded." 

My daughter Meredith has become the face of S3.  It started in-part out of necessity, as a new company, we didn't have a large budget and she does have gorgeous hair and needed gas money.  Because the brand is about helping real women find their power and I wanted to reinforce our message by showing people, not just products - it seemed logical.  

In the beginning, this busy teenager would indulge Mom's project by posing for a few images in between mad dashes to her many activities that include school, sports, work and friends.  Being a teenager isn't easy.  There are so many pressures on young people these days, especially in the realm of social media with its constant bombardment of instant feedback.  So the fact that my daughter was willing to put herself out there and be the face of Smart Strong Sassy is particularly meaningful.  She opened herself up to being scrutinized online and chose to be a visible force in our movement.  

As the company continues to grow and our message of empowerment resonates, it has become even clearer to me why Meredith is the face of S3.  Her beauty comes from her soul and her strength of character. She epitomizes S3.

Without sharing too many details, recently when someone at her school started picking on a vulnerable student, my daughter became outraged and stood up to the bully.  Being strong isn't necessarily about lifting weights, it's about having courage and taking a stand to do what's right.  

This is a young woman who is learning her power.  She is confident, kind, smart, strong and oh yes, as her mom, I can attest that she is definitely sassy.  As far as daughters go, I hit the jackpot with Meredith.  She is everything I could have ever dreamed of a daughter being.  And what's even more wonderful, she is just getting started.  

Having someone with Meredith's caliber and strength be the face of S3 is an honor.  She is just beginning to discover her capabilities and I am confident that she will use those talents to help and inspire many.  She inspires me on a daily basis!

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