Born out
of love

Inspired watching a sunset

About S3

We were born from a desire to empower and inspire. 

One summer evening, while admiring a spectacular sunset, I was encouraging my two kids to always reach for their dreams and NEVER settle.  My then 10-year-old son looked at me and asked, "Mom what do you dream about?"  

Dreams???  The question was so innocent, yet profound.  It stunned me.  I had stopped thinking about my dreams.  Gradually, they’d been nudged aside to focus on life’s necessities... like raising the kids, tackling day-to-day issues and sometimes just surviving. That’s when I decided if I was going to be an example for my children, I needed to take action. 
Fast forward from that pivotal moment and S3 launched. 
Initially, S3 was a dedicated collective where women could share stories.  From my own experience as a journalist, a story can be like a big, comforting hug and have profound impact.  The goal was to provide a platform filled with voices, shaped from a myriad of unique experiences to nudge others forward. 

There aren’t many guarantees in life, but there are some constants; a sunset over water is most beautiful, and the human experience isn’t singular. Sharing stories and experiences will always provide comfort, inspiration and strength to others.     

While S3 is still dedicated to its original mission of profiling unique women, we are now also offering high-quality tools to help all women on their journey.  

Our goal is for you to feel good every day.  Feeling beautiful is empowering and our products will help you realize your Smart Strong Sassy potential.  When you believe you are S3, life's possibilities are limitless. 

For me, being able to help and inspire other women is a dream come true.