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S3 founder Tiffany Eddy is on a mission to make a difference. 

“I launched S3 - SMART STRONG SASSY, because I believe we all need a boost to help us on our journey."
Tiffany Eddy

Initially my goal for S3 was to provide a platform where women could share their real and honest stories to lift up other women.  

I learned along this journey that women as a whole are much Smarter than we give ourselves credit for, Stronger than we realize and when you start to believe, it allows you to be SASSY – which is the secret sauce you need for the magic to happen.

I’ve also learned that part of being Smart Strong Sassy comes through self-care.

When I first launched S3, the response was incredible and women started reaching out, asking for more assistance and information. From that starting point, we evolved, developing new tools to help women achieve their goals.

I am proud of our S3 partnerships and the special products we can now offer to help you look and feel your very best. 

Becoming S3 changed my life.  I know it can change yours.   

(Button here that says "Learn More" that links to "About S3" page) https://smartstrongsassy.com/pages/about-us-1

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How an innocent question launched the S3 brand.

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